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If you don't like Mariah Carey then you don't matter to me 💁 #DedicatedLamb #BlackLivesMatter Bi 🌈

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brush your tongues hoes https://t.co/2xp5PR0MMZ

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hi, anyone's here? https://t.co/CaMRN4g4Da

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an iconic drunk acceptance speech https://t.co/9bb96d71SV

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This says a lot https://t.co/rE7wozTYwS

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if you left don’t come back after this for this https://t.co/RTXCmcZLqd

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"I think I am a romantic and that's why I can write love songs that people relate to." @MariahCarey… https://t.co/MIxDwILdn8

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trumpsters already trying to say a muslim did it, worry about your own country and not about ours https://t.co/IUuCzCoOee

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This weeks @MariahCarey #SingleOfTheWeek as chosen by you is... https://t.co/oUg6xb5LEK

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Trust No Bitch.🚫🚫🚫 https://t.co/0Jvaky0G1T

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#MondayMotivation 🏆 @MariahCarey 🦋 https://t.co/VTU6mzIYIo

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BY THE WAY, this is just another case of “men are trash” u kill 10 people with your van because women didn’t want… https://t.co/ApP1qTWrIG

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#picoftheday Sugar Daddy Doughnuts #paris #2001 #MariahCarey #lambily https://t.co/smQsj87I28

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me: there’s no confirmation on the suspects identity republican from america: he’s muslim, the canadian sun confir… https://t.co/hDFJq0yR8z

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my worst fear is mariah delaying the album to 2019 or even 2020 but i guess https://t.co/aZrUpB8PM6

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So excited to know that @MariahCarey is working on new music for us lambs! Hallelujah! https://t.co/wEFFr76DJy