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Syrian troops meet up with Iraqi forces along newly liberated area (photos) https://t.co/2lgpckaepl #Iraq #Syria

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These are not good people, folks. https://t.co/JnEdlHor6L

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One shudders to imagine if the #Democrats had Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court all at the same time.… https://t.co/B3px4EHMBj

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Farmer Entrapped Trying To Comply w #GunControl —charged w 12 felony counts after new #AssaultWeapon law And it’s… https://t.co/nC6dQQAbZY

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I was on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock this week on market conditions,are we headed for disaster, T… https://t.co/Qiqx5RkZ6x

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#Syria #Suwayda #Sweida Desert Battles - R.I.P. The heroic martyr Colonel Mazen Barakat, leader of 242nd Tank Batt… https://t.co/FmpOBykayx

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Great comment. The dissolution of the family is a product of the leftist culture that came to power after 1965. https://t.co/pTdrWrZZFr

@Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News @TheArabSource

Arab tribes meet in #Idlib to renew support for Syrian military https://t.co/dzQxYap8ld #Aleppo #Hama #Syria

@Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News @TheArabSource

Syrian choppers drop thousands of leaflets calling on #Daraa residents to kick out rebels https://t.co/OVGwMTl7C6 #Syria

@Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News @TheArabSource

Breaking: Gulf-backed troops score important advance towards #Hodeideh city https://t.co/Lco9ykcsIh #Houthi #Yemen

@Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News @TheArabSource

Jihadists carry out first attack on #Sweida city in years https://t.co/RYXi5J79cm #HTS

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Better mascot than even a Jackass😂 Or, maybe a tick — poly-ticks — many blood sucking parasites https://t.co/b1wWZPhWeF

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Who Can You Trust on Foreign Policy? | Stephen Lendman @ActivistWriter #FaultLines https://t.co/L1aC4K2n3m

@Al-Masdar News Al-Masdar News @TheArabSource

Turkish PM says #Kobane, #Hasakah, #Qamishli are next targets after Manbij https://t.co/LyJuLAIs2J #Syria #Turkey

@Lee Stranahan Lee Stranahan @stranahan

Is the North Macedonia Agreement Actually a Done Deal? | @dialogosmedia #FaultLines https://t.co/ivrIZqRKFt