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YouTube to add “fact check” propaganda messages to MMR vaccine videos in latest Orwellian attempt to override reali… https://t.co/t5HxfgLKdD

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So: Who wants World War III? Apparently, both the Democratic and the Republican Parties do. Obama called Russia the… https://t.co/Z2pDicloSa

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#US-led delegation visits #Kobani and promises support (video) https://t.co/lX4yQKCeZx #Syria

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@stranahan @McFaul C'mon. Let's hear it. I'm betting Lee doesn't get chewed up and spit out and the rest of us remain unimpressed.

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Russian Special Forces take part in southern #Syria offensive https://t.co/qrW3agCTFx #ISIS #Russia #Sweida

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@stranahan @JulieBeach3 Browders deposition will tell all you need to know and in his own words.

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Freedom for all—no border wall at all! Open. Borders. For. Israel. https://t.co/9WKg3HzhlB

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I estimate less than 1000 in the United States right now have ANY understanding of the impact convicted criminal Ru… https://t.co/BdVREZShNN

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Have you seen his deposition from 2015? https://t.co/oLr55nylUY

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Then again on 9/11, who fired a cruise missle into the Pentagon disguised as a commercial airliner..hitting the acc… https://t.co/VX7C8qqssi

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This is all paid for by American tax payers You could maybe better use that money on children's education and medic… https://t.co/3q57FyFBxI

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Thank you, @JudgeJeanine! https://t.co/11OTssd4xh

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JW filed a FOIA lawsuit w/ the State Dept for info on the improper unmasking efforts and on all of the intelligence… https://t.co/IRXWPANUuB